One day, I saw weeds which is growing on a narrow space between broken bricks at town.
It you can probably see everywhere everyday. Especially when you walk outside.
However many people do not care of them. Because it is “a weed”

At the time, I couldn’t take my eye off from the weeds because the delicate beauty of their growing
quietly touched my heart with warm and interesting.
I started to write observation record of the weeds growing into a town since the day.

When I focus on the weeds who have a particular growing style and a place,
I make a discovery about their many characteristics and original styles. It is no one weed.
It is a group of weeds with buildings or a street scenery.
The weeds of scenery makes me feel like they are speaking to.
They are looks like similar to a human which is humor or helpless, when I saw.

So I decided to define the weeds as a”Machikusa” and make a record of them by photos.
And then it will classify specification of the weed and give a name to them.

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