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What is machikusa?

Machikusa is a collective term for the naming and the classification of grasses in towns and of the characteristics of the environments where these appear (for example in asphalt, next to a road or in drains). Noticing these grasses may require a different way of looking at your town. Machikusa can be classified in 18 species. Within these species different names and stories behind these names can be found.

Experiencing machikusa

The ’machikusa workshop’ is a course where you can experience machikusa yourself. These can be held in any place, and can be aimed at both children as well as adults. Furthermore, machikusa classes are being held at elementary schools and middle schools all over the country.

The expansion of machikusa activities

Many artists have become involved in the machikusa project, leading to various new ways of expression. Also, machikusa is a very playful theme that involves a wide variety of people: children, adults and even elderly are able to become part of it.

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